Tonya Rulli is a 13 year veteran of the Clark County court system and former Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience that will ensure your ability to navigate through the legal process in the most cost effective manner possible.

Tonya is first and foremost a trial lawyer (she has over 100 cases under her belt) with a lengthy history of success.  Whether it’s a criminal case, a business or real estate matter or a family law matter, Tonya is regarded as a tenacious advocate for her clients—both inside and outside of the courtroom.

As a former Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Tonya has experience with criminal cases ranging from minor drug possession to murder. She was head of the County’s Domestic Violence unit for three years, and also spent time running both the General Felonies and Drug units.  She also prosecuted child sex abuse cases for two years.

As a private attorney Tonya is uniquely qualified to handle your criminal, business, real estate or family law case and she looks forward to meeting with you soon.

diploma  Graduate of Lewis and Clark Law School

family  Family Law

gavel  Criminal Defense